Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trivedi is being sued, do not work for the foundation.


BE WARE: Working for the Trivedi foundation may be quite seductive to seekers on a spiritual path and professionals alike.  The major problems are:

The organization is not a real non-profit, that’s their tax status, so Trivedi can get rich. 

“I was born for the billionaires, not the people with no money, let them die.” Mahendra Trivedi

The statement above may seem outrageous, but it is 100% true. This man is more like an Indian Dictator with an inflated ego than a spiritual Guru.

He works the staff to the bone, paying very little with the promise of substantial pay increases in a few months.  The problem is I became a senior staff and I was there for three months. Most people stay about two weeks.  They either quit, because the operation is so out of integrity or they are fired for standing up for what’s right.

BE prepared to work 80-90 hour per week.  I was asked during my interview: “How old are you? And do you have a relationship?”

Not only are the above questions illegal, but also most people with serious relationships are looked over in favor of singles, because Trivedi wants your life to belong to the foundation.

His staff are all-sick from working too much and his so called “blessings” are not doing them any good.   His events manager had walking pneumonia and never had a moment to rest.

Trivedi thinks all those who have the energy should be willing to work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. No joke!

He screams at the staff, calling them idiots and duffers.

“You should be ashamed of yourself you are useless, you idiot.” Mahendra Trivedi

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Do not work for this man if you have any other options.  The rest of the staff is great, but unfortunately they don’t stand up to him, because he has brainwashed them to think he is a guru with special powers.  Watch out for his ego.  I was too naive, save yourself and do NOT give of your talents and abilities to this false and untrue organization.  I was also pulled in by Ken Wilber's endoresemnt.  I spoke to Ken while employed there, he is quite sweet and wonderful, but he is sick and thinks these blessings are helping him, it doesn't mean anything other than that. He too, is human.  

There are many other healers, but the truly enlightened ones just do the work and the healing.  

Trivedi is more diplomatic when speaking in public, in private he says meditation is useless, all spiritual practices are for Hippocrates.  He has never done any spiritual work.  There is some energy running through him, but he is not able to hold it because he has never done any work.  I believe the energy is NOT rooted in love.  You heard it here first! He will be exposed, this is America NOT India.

This man in pain and in fear. Look at his picture and ask yourself: does he look like he has peace? does he look light?

My answer is NO to both.

By the way, if you look carefully, Deepak Chopra has removed all affiliation with him.

Trust me I was his confidant for a while, run the other way!!!!!!

My prayer is to save, good hearted souls the grief of being berated and treated like scum in the event that they cut down to working 60 hours after working 90 hours. 

Think long and hard,  of course there maybe a lesson here for you, so you may need to have the experience.  Just remember he is a prick!

If you need more proof, ask around. His reputation is starting to proceed him.


An international nonprofit organization is seeking a visionary, energetic, highly organized and efficient individual possessing a strong knowledge of marketing practices. This person must possess the drive to exceed expectations and hold a broad understanding of the impact a successful marketing campaign can have. This individual will also function as a communications associate executing marketing strategy and coordinate amongst the foundations divisions. 

Qualified candidates will possess the following core competencies:
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
- Exceptional organization and planning skills 
- Effective problem solving and follow up skills 
- Innovative and collaborative team player 
- Project management experience 

The essential job requirements for the Marketing Associate include (but are not limited to): 
- Writing and editing compelling promotional copy 
- Creating sales presentations and tools for the sales team 
- Knowledge of SEO, SEM, social media, and audience acquisition 
- Knowledge of email marketing best practices 
- Ability to understand and analyze web metrics 
- Must have a flexible schedule

*The marginal functions of this position have not been included. This job description in no way implies that these are the only duties to be performed. An employee or Independent Contractor will be required to follow any other job-related duties required by the manager. 

It is crucial that before applying for this position candidate visits our website at www.trivedifoundation.org

If interested please provide a detailed cover letter and resume explaining why you believe you would be the best candidate for this position with MARKETING COORDINATOR in subject line. Hiring Organization: Trivedi Foundation 
For information on up-coming live Introductory Presentations in your area, please click on Events. 

For information on in-person or long distance group and individual Blessings, please click on Trivedi Wellness. 

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    Mahendra Trivedi "Do the Consciousness"

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    What is a blessing and how is it sent?
    A blessing is a Divine energy transmission, done through intentional thought by Mahendra Trivedi, the vessel for this energy. The blessing as it pertains to humans: The blessing is a transmission of intelligent Divine energy – that which is aware of each person's unique circumstances. The purpose of the blessing is to bring about one's ultimate happiness, which requires balance and harmony in all areas in one's life.
    Mr. Trivedi is often addressed by the name of Guruji. What does that mean?
    Mr. Trivedi's birth name is Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. In his native India, "Guruji" is a term of endearment or reverence used to address a respected teacher or spiritual master. So, today many people affectionately address him in this way.
    What is the Trivedi Effect™?
    The Trivedi Effect™ is the impact of the blessings/transmissions on living and non-living material.
    What are the different types of blessings one may receive?
    There are several types of blessings that Guruji offers, as follows:
    Master Blessing™
    The Master Blessing™ is unique not just in the depth and power of the energy transmitted, but in the way it is administered and received.
    Mr. Trivedi, often called Guruji has explained that the Master Blessing™ goes beyond simply the enhancement of the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and sexual levels, but it is designed to enhance the connection between one's spirit and its source. This blessing will tremendously enhance and advance a person's spirituality. It should bring awakening and awareness about creation and the Creator. It is also designed to bring immense joy, and fullness and true harmony to each person's life.
    • How to receive the Master Blessing™
    Once you have purchased your Master Blessing™, you will pick a time to receive this Divine energy, which will usually be a two-hour block of time. At any point during these two hours you may sit and receive this energy. The reason for this is that the energy is intelligent and has been instructed by Guruji to wait for you. So no worries, really!
    • Before your scheduled time, please take a shower, wash your hair, and rinse yourself from head to toe. (This doesn't have to be immediately prior to the blessing, just the day of.)
    • Please choose to receive your blessing in a place that is free of children, pets, phones, or any other possible distractions.
    • Please have a timer or alarm available to manage your time during the Master Blessing™
    • You may begin at any time during the time period you’ve previously selected.
    • Remove your shoes and socks and sit on the floor or a chair with your spine as straight as comfortably possible. Once you are in position, set your timer for 10 minutes and call out mentally to Guruji with the words, "Guruji, please start the Divine Blessing."
    • For the next 10 minutes you will remain in a state of silence, with your eyes closed and with your mind as free from thoughts as possible.
    • After 10 minutes, you will lie down, remaining silent with eyes closed and continuing in a state of no thought for a minimum of 20 minutes. (NOTE: You may choose to lie down longer. Do not resist falling asleep.)
    • After this, your Master Blessing™ is complete.
    In-Person Individual Blessing
    An individual energy transmission/blessing session lasts about five to ten minutes. During this time Guruji will place his hand on the crown of your head and ask you to close your eyes. He will then instruct you to start praying "to the god of your understanding" for all that you require for your happiness, at which point he begins the energy transmission/blessing. Once the blessing is complete, Guruji will ask you to open your eyes and stay in a calm, thought-free state. (If your prayer is finished before you are instructed to open your eyes, just start over until it's time to open your eyes.) If you need further understanding, please refer to the section above, "What is a blessing and how is it sent?"
    It is always best to pray for ultimate happiness, as the Creator's visions of one's life may be so much greater than what we may envision as individuals.
    In an individual blessing, whether received in person or remotely, the energy transmission is uniquely tailored to you and to suit your requirements for happiness.
    Remote Individual Blessing
    Guruji assures us that a Remote Individual Blessing is equally as powerful as an In-Person Individual Blessing. Find a quiet place to sit at the time of your blessing and set your timer for five minutes. Sit with your spine erect and begin your prayer. Pray to the God of your understanding for all that you require for your happiness. Remember, even if you forget to pray for something, the Creator always knows what your needs are, so don’t worry. Once your five minutes are up, sit quietly in a calm and thought-free state. Do not worry if thoughts come in. Just release them and gently turn you focus to your breathing.
    It is always best to pray for ultimate happiness, as the Creator’s visions of one’s life may be so much greater than what we may envision as individuals.
    In an individual blessing, whether received in person or remotely, the energy transmission is uniquely tailored to you and to suit your requirements for happiness.
    In-Person Group Blessing
    In-Person Group Blessings are fun and exciting. This type of blessing usually follows a presentation that features the astonishing results of various scientific studies conducted on the Trivedi Effect™. During the presentation, Guruji shares the personal story of his journey and also talks about the gift he has received and his mission. At the conclusion of the presentation, Guruji blesses everyone in attendance. At the time of the blessing, attendees are instructed to close their eyes, sit with spine erect, and begin their prayer – to “pray to the god of your understanding” – whether this might be Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Universal Love, Nature, or whatever one understands this concept to personally mean – for all that is required for their happiness. During this blessing, as in others, if you forget to pray for something, the Creator always knows what your needs are, so don’t worry. Continue your prayer until Guruji instructs you to stop. If you finish your prayer before this instruction, just start over and keep praying. Guruji will then ask you to keep your eyes closed and your mind still for a few minutes. Do not worry if stilling your mind is challenging. You are not alone in this. When you become aware of thoughts, try focusing your attention on your breath.
    Group Blessings differ from Individual Blessings in that the energy transmitted is coming from a broader perspective and not uniquely geared toward one individual.
    Remote Group Blessing
    Remote Group Blessings are usually part of a 3-blessings package, in which Guruji gives the blessings during a telephone conference. After you have purchased your blessings, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, followed up later by a reminder e-mail. On the day prior to the scheduled telephone call, you will receive one final e-mail with the call-in instructions. Make sure you have a hands-free device or a speakerphone for receiving the blessing. You will also be able to listen to the call online and chat with other participants. The call begins with a brief introduction during which Guruji is introduced. Callers are then invited to share the healings and other results they’ve experienced in their lives as a result of receiving blessings. NOTE: This is not the time for questions.
    Following the testimonials from our friends, Guruji gives the blessing. At the time of the blessing you will be instructed to sit with your spine erect and your eyes closed and begin your prayer. Pray to the god of your understanding – whether this might be Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Universal Love, Nature, or whatever one understands this concept to personally mean – for all that you require for your happiness. Remember, even if you forget to pray for something, the Creator always knows what your needs are, so don’t worry. Continue your prayer until Guruji instructs you to stop. If you finish your prayer before this instruction, just start over and keep praying. Guruji will then ask you to keep your eyes closed and your mind still for a few minutes. Do not worry if stilling your mind is challenging. You are not alone in this. When you become aware of thoughts, try focusing your attention on your breath.
    You may sign up for one or two remote group blessings at one time. Occasionally we may make a set of three remote group blessings available for audiences of our professional partners.
    What happens after I sign up for a blessing?
    Once you've signed up for a blessing, you'll receive an immediate e-mail confirmation. This will be followed by two more e-mail reminders, the first of which you’ll receive one or two days prior to your blessing (based on the type of blessing you’re receiving). The final e-mail will include all the pertinent information you’ll need you’ll need to receive the blessing. This information will vary, again depending on the type of blessing you’re receiving. For example, if you’re receiving an In-Person Individual Blessing, the email will most likely include the address and phone numbers where the blessings will take place, and any other relevant information.
    Why, for Individual Blessings, can two or more people register for the same time slot?
    Guruji usually conducts four to six blessings in a 30-minute time period. This is why you may see several appointments available for the same time slot. This also allows you to schedule an appointment at the same time as your friends and family members.
    What does Guruji do during the blessings?
    During the blessings, Guruji connects to the Divine and acts as a conduit for the transfer of this energy through him to those he blesses. Using this process of energetic thought transmission, he is able to share this transformational energy with anyone.
    Do I have to write down my intentions for the blessing, meditate, or do anything else to prepare?
    No, you don’t need to write down your intentions or prayers, meditate, or do anything else along those lines to prepare for either in-person or remote blessings, but if you would like to, you certainly may. Basically, all you will do at the beginning of the blessing is to pray to the God of your understanding, – whether this might be Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Universal Love, Nature, or whatever one understands this concept to personally mean – for your “requirements.” Pray for what you need to make your life ideal. Once you finish your prayer, you will sit in silence and allow the energy to work through you. There is nothing for you "to do." Just receive.
    What if I write something on the form and, before I receive my blessing, I think of other things I would like to include?
    If you forget to write down something you require, don't worry. The truth is, both the Divine and your own spirit know what you need and the energy will be guided to fulfill just that.
    Can I do anything so that the energy has a greater effect on me?
    You do not need to help the Divine. No ritual or dogma, no change of diet, no lifestyle modifications can help this energy. All you need to do is register and receive the blessing. We don’t need to help the Divine do its work.
    What kind of benefits can I expect from these blessings?
    Each individual's experience is unique. Results have been reported in all areas of life, including: 
    • Better quality of sleep/waking up clear and refreshed
    • Improved mood
    • Greater self confidence
    • Increased clarity of mind
    • More profound inner peace
    • Enhanced sex drive and stamina
    • Increased energy levels
    • Overall feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation
    • Reduced aches and pains
    • Less depression
    We have also had improvements reported from those suffering from conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, excessive weight, and even addictions such as alcoholism. Additionally, the benefits extend beyond health issues. Many people experience dramatic positive shifts in such things as personal success, prosperity, relationships, and even enthusiasm about their future.
    Will I experience immediate benefits from receiving a blessing?
    In every case, the energy begins working right away. Yet everyone experiences the Trivedi Effect™ -- the benefits of the blessing -- in their own way and at their own rate. How one experiences the Trivedi Effect™ depends on the condition of the body, and also to some extent, on one's belief systems. Some people experience results from a blessing immediately; some within one or two days; for others it may take as long as five to seven days; and for a few it may take even longer.
    How do I know the blessing is working if I haven’t felt anything?
    One of the most commonly reported benefits is better quality of sleep, so that would perhaps be the first thing to look for. If you are not noticing this or any other particular changes, you may be experiencing a more quiet transformation beneath the surface. It is important to pay attention to your life. Perhaps you are now experiencing fewer, or even no, obstacles where, prior to the blessing, there would have been some. Some people may experience no noticeable changes at all, in which case it is important to note our Refund policy. In most cases your intuition will guide you as to whether you should continue to receive blessings or not. If you choose to stop for the time being, you may very well be inclined to revisit us later when you are intuitively guided to do so.
    After my blessing with Guruji, my symptoms worsened. Is this normal?
    This is often part of the transformational process of receiving a blessing. The physiology may be stirred up in a sort of “chemicalization,” or cleansing, as it begins to purify and restructure. People sometimes report that, after a blessing, they experience a period of heightened symptoms before seeing an improvement. Some of the reported symptoms that occur during this cleansing phase include flu-like conditions, tingling in the body, and headaches.
    This is a normal part of the “purging” process and is nothing to worry about.
    I have illnesses. Can the blessings heal me?
    Each person responds differently to Guruji's blessings. We have had many cases of healings reported. However, it is important to remember that your consultation with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is a spiritual blessing; it is not a medical evaluation, diagnosis, prescription, treatment, nor any kind of medical care or even a substitute for medical care or other licensed healthcare. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, the Trivedi Foundation, and all persons acting in association with them at any event in which such consultations occur, or otherwise, are not medical or licensed healthcare practitioners; do not provide medical care or healthcare in connection with this consultation; do not make any representation or promise regarding the effects or outcome of this consultation.
    Can I use these blessings as a substitute for my doctor’s prescription?
    Guruji and the Trivedi Foundation make it very clear that these transmissions of mental energy are not in any way a replacement for any medications you may be taking or for your physician’s advice. If you are considering going off prescriptions or changing the dose of your medication, always consult your doctor first. No one associated with the Trivedi Foundation makes any medical recommendations whatsoever. What one decides to do regarding prescriptions, etc., is a choice that must be personally made.
    Does the experience of having a blessing contradict one’s religion? Or does one have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from the blessings?
    Guruji's blessings are in no way religious in nature – nor do you have to be a religious person to benefit from them. He uses the term "blessing" simply because the Trivedi Effect™ is so much more than a mere “healing.” The energy Guruji transmits works independent of one’s religious or spiritual beliefs and you do not have to “believe in it” to enjoy the blessing or experience the Trivedi Effect™. The only thing that could possibly inhibit its effectiveness would be some kind of resistance or a negative or "prove it to me" attitude toward the experience.
    Are the results from these blessings permanent?
    Only when every aspect of one's life is in harmony is permanent happiness possible. The transformation brought about by Guruji’s blessings is an ongoing process to achieve this end. Once this energy starts working, it continues. First the physical body needs to be strengthened, so at the beginning of this process, the blessing energy helps increase the body's vibrational frequency – to support the physiology in regaining its original state of optimal health. The transmitted energy has the ability to create transformation at the cellular level, which leads in turn to improved emotional and mental health, enhanced sexual performance, and many other positive results.
    The ultimate goal is the elevation of consciousness to the highest possible level so one can fulfill a higher purpose. After receiving a blessing, many people experience a deep feeling of inner calm, leading even to a profound sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with life. This is an indication of the deepest result – that you have opened up and aligned with your spirit, which in turn feeds and nourishes your soul. From this place, the results continue to manifest. It is a process of transformation that continues.
    As Guruji has said, "In the Olympics only one person can win the gold medal. With this blessed energy every person can win a gold medal."
    How does this energy help one stay connected to his or her own spirit?
    Most people do not experience a strong connection between their mind and their spiritual sense. Because this is true, they make decisions and choices based entirely on their outer impulses or informed by “rational” factors, rather than being guided by their innate, all-intelligent spirit. Acting from this more external level results in a lack of fulfillment.
    In many cases, we may "hear," or intuitively sense, the guidance of spirit but, having difficulty trusting this guidance, we go instead with what seems to be the more practical choice of action, which often results in our being unhappy with the outcome. For example, people often encounter situations in which an immediate intuitive impulse convinces them that some particular course of action is the right one for them. But then the rational mind kicks in and presents all the practical reasons why that first intuitive impulse is wrong or misguided, when all along it may very well have led to the fulfillment they are really seeking.
    The value of the energy imparted during a blessing is that it puts you on the path that will most quickly lead to the fulfillment of your intended potential. Spirit is like a personal Global Positioning System — it’s an internal guidance system. Imagine you're in Chicago and you want to get to New York. You program the GPS and follow its directions. If you decide to disregard the GPS’ guidance, you might find yourself in California – or, in other words, someplace you were not intending to go. This is the result of going against the GPS information. Similarly, through the energy of these blessings, people soon find themselves becoming much more in tune with their spiritual sense and thus no longer straying from the path to fulfillment. In time, the energy will connect one's spirit to universal consciousness, then to the Divine—and only then is ultimate happiness possible.
    Is there such a thing as having too many blessings? If so, how many blessings are too many and how much time should pass between blessings?
    Guruji says that receiving multiple blessings can bring about desired results more quickly. Your spirit will let you know the ideal number of blessings for you.
    Many people report that an ideal schedule is to alternate Remote Personal Blessings and Remote Group Blessings. If you have a group blessing one night and an individual blessing the next day, that’s fine. Otherwise, receiving more than one blessing within a single week is NOT advised, unless under direct supervision of Guruji.
    One week between blessings allows the body time to adjust to the energy of the blessing before receiving another one. As an analogy, when your doctor prescribes antibiotics, you don’t take the whole bottle immediately. Rather, you take one or two pills each day and at the end of a week or ten days, you evaluate your condition to see if you need more. Usually the only time Guruji gives multiple blessings in a single day is during in-residence courses, where he can monitor the experiences people are having. At such courses, he gives as many as three or four blessings in a day.
    Can anyone benefit or do the blessings work only for people of certain ages, beliefs, health status, etc.?
    Anyone can benefit from Guruji's blessings. A wide range of different kinds of people have reported extraordinary results. Reports have included such things as colicky babies sleeping through the night to young adults having more self-confidence to senior citizens experiencing relief from chronic pain. Measurable health improvements have been reported by tens of thousands of individuals, including those suffering from chronic pain, neurological disorders, debilitating arthritis, severe food sensitivities, depression, and many other conditions.
    Can I register someone for a blessing without them knowing about it? Will it benefit him or her?
    No, you can’t register another adult without that person’s consent. Parents or guardians of minors may purchase and schedule blessings for their minor children. No matter what the situation, the recipient's knowledge of the blessing can increase his or her receptivity.
    Can I include my children or other people in my prayer during a blessing?
    You are welcomed to pray for the well-being of anyone you love – or even for the welfare of the entire world. Simply include whatever would contribute to your happiness.
    Can I hold my children or have them sit near me during my blessing?
    Mr. Trivedi recommends you receive the blessing alone as he is using energy specifically suited to your requirements.
    You are welcome to sign your child up for his or her own blessing as long as you are the legal guardian. Additionally, we have received many reports that family members, friends, and even pets have benefitted from what Guruji calls the "ripple effect" of these blessings.
    What is the ripple effect?
    Just as soil became free of toxins after seeds blessed by Guruji were planted in it, when one member of a family receives a blessing, other members often begin experiencing profound results as well. This is what Guruji refers to as the ripple effect.
    Can my pet receive a blessing?
    Absolutely. We are all aware of the importance of the well-being of our animal companions. You may purchase a pet blessing at Pet Blessings page. Guruji tells us that, because animals don’t have the kinds of preconceived notions people often do, such blessings are extremely effective. Results reported include improved behavior, improved sleeping and eating patterns, and greater calmness. During the pet blessing, hold your pet in your lap. If the pet lives in a container such as a fish bowl, simply hold the bowl.
    Are blessings transferable to someone else?
    Blessings are transferable to a friend or family member in the case of an emergency. For all remote/cyber events, you must notify our Customer Service Department no later than 24 hours prior to the event. In the case of blessing packages, such as the 3-blessing series or the Master Blessing™ Program, only one transfer is allowed. (You may not transfer back and forth between you and another). In the case of live events, where Guruji is present, you may transfer your registration to a friend of family member.
    Can Guruji bless the entire world? For example, can he use his ability to offset manmade disasters such as pollution or global warming?
    Guruji answers: "I cannot become involved with the destiny of others unless I am invited to. For example, many ask me if I can help the life of the fish and animals in the Gulf of Mexico. The answer is yes, if the people responsible invite me; for example the owners of this oil company or the governors of the states that the oil spill is affecting."
    How do I become a "master student" with Guruji?
    We have no way to guarantee who Guruji will select to become one of his master students, but we do know he will select these students from among those who participate in the 6-month Master Blessing™ Program he is now offering. Learn more about the Master Blessing™ Program here.
    What if I stop my Master Blessing™ Program?
    If you choose to stop your Master Blessing™ Program for any reason, you will not be charged for the remainder of your blessings, as you are not locked into a contract. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may stop your subscription at any time.
    How can I receive a blessing if I can't afford to pay for it?
    It is Guruji's wish to make blessings available to those who are called to his mission on their path of transformation. Toward that end, the Trivedi Foundation currently offers two types of scholarships – full scholarships and partial scholarships. To learn more about the scholarship application process, please send an e-mail to scholarship@trivedifoundation.org and we will send you an application.
    Because the number of scholarships is limited, we have also set up a volunteer/exchange program. If you have specialized skills or are just simply able to help us with some very basic tasks, we will show our appreciation by gifting you with blessings. Please fill out our volunteer application and we will get back to you. Once you've submitted your application, we ask that you be patient and trust that your skills will be needed at the right time, therefore allowing you to receive your blessing at the perfect time in your life.
    I applied for a scholarship and have not heard anything back yet, Does this mean I didn't qualify?
    No, it doesn't mean you didn't qualify. Because we select new recipients every 60 days, your application will be reviewed up to six different times in a 12-month period. We ask that you wait twelve months before resubmitting a scholarship application.
    How long does it take to find out if I’ve been awarded a scholarship?
    We will keep your scholarship application for one year. Because we select new recipients every 60 days, this means that your application will be reviewed up to six different times within that year. If you are selected for a scholarship, we will notify you approximately seven days before the 2-month period in which your scholarship can be applied.
    Am I guaranteed a scholarship to receive blessings?
    No. A scholarship committee reviews the applications and makes decisions based on the applications and funds available.
    How many blessings will I receive if I am awarded a Trivedi Foundation scholarship?
    Based on the information provided on your application and your individual circumstances, you will be awarded from one to four blessings per month for two months.
    How are the Trivedi scholarships funded?
    We fund a limited number of scholarships from our Foundation directly, and we accept targeted donations from people who would like to fund additional scholarships.
    Why is there a charge for the blessings?
    When Guruji first came to the U.S., he was blessing everyone for free. He spoke of his vision, saying that, although thousands of scientific studies had been done throughout the world on the Trivedi Effect™, he recognized the importance of completing new research at the finest institutes in the U.S., a place the rest of the world looks to for its scientific standards of excellence. Guruji and the rest of the Trivedi Foundation team soon realized that the type of rigorous research we wanted to conduct would cost tens of thousands of dollars or, more accurately, hundreds of thousands.
    U.S-based Trivedi Foundation advisors informed us that unless we could get donations, we would have to charge for the blessings. Guruji does not live an extravagant lifestyle. People say he should stay in fancy hotels, but he always prefers to stay in private homes or in modest motels. As Guruji explains it, "It is more important to me to use the money to do the research. Once more research is completed and this phenomenon is recognized by more and more scientists, no one can doubt the power of these blessings. It is then that I can really help the future of humanity."
    How can I get involved with the Trivedi Foundation?
    There are several ways in which to get involved with the Trivedi Foundation. These include:
    • Apply to become a Trivedi Foundation Ambassador. Our Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who are aligned with our mission and want to see the power of the Trivedi Effect™ benefiting their communities. Our Ambassadors come from every part of the world and are supported by the Foundation team members to ensure their success. Prospective Ambassadors must apply on the Trivedi Foundation website. To learn more about our Ambassador program click here
    • Host Guruji in your home. Guruji and his assistants travel throughout the United States and the world and they prefer to stay in private homes. You may already be aware of the impact that Guruji’s mere presence has on the environment. Imagine the positive effect of having him in your home. To invite Guruji to stay with you during his visit to your community please e-mail: events@trivedifoundation.org
    • General Volunteers. Our volunteers are a critical and much-valued part of our efforts to expand the Foundation. Join this dynamic and committed group, enjoy the company of like-minded, passionate people, and lend a hand to spread the word!

    Mahendra Kumar Trivedi was born in 1963 in a small town in central India. Although he was not trained in the traditional Yogic education, he exhibited unique abilities and extraordinarily high levels of perception and intelligence as a child, including a 100% photographic memory. He says he always knew he was different and even as a tiny boy that he felt that his sojourn on this planet was for a higher purpose.

    Although from all outward appearances, he seemed to lead a normal life, graduating from engineering college and then working as a well-respected mechanical engineer, over time he became more and more aware of the extent of his abilities. Then, one night in 1995 he received "guidance" that the unique gifts he had been given were now to be used for the welfare of mankind. He didn't hesitate for a moment to give up all that was familiar and embark on a new mission to connect with people of his destiny - to find those who could help him use his gifts to change the world for good.

    "I have always been devoted to the guidance I received that night; have followed the instructions I was given; and have remained faithful and obedient," Trivedi explains. He compares it to a GPS system in a car. If the guidance tells him to "turn left here," he does so. He says that as long as he follows the instructions to the letter, his power will remain with him.

    Trivedi believes it is the "Divine" that instructs him. And so far, most of the instructions have involved working with researchers around the world. He has compiled a remarkable track record of success, which constitutes an invaluable database for scientists attempting to understand the power of consciousness.

    For more than ten years Trivedi has worked with agricultural colleges in India to improve crop performance. He has modified the behavior and apparently even the genetics of dozens of agricultural species - because the changes he makes are passed on to later plant generations. These changes include making the plants more prolific and disease resistant. He did this not by working in the genetic engineering laboratory, but by sending an "energy transmission" called the Trivedi Effect™ to fields and seed samples.

    The skeptical Westerner might scoff at these claims and others, which include transmuting matter on an atomic level, except for one thing: They are supported by extensive documentation.

    At the present time, scientists from six different countries have conducted thousands of experiments on the Tivedi Effect™. The results are published in hundreds of reports available under the Scientific Research
     section of this website. His work with researchers is ongoing, and represents a tremendous opportunity for scientists to investigate the power of consciousness.

    More information about Trivedi's unique physiology can be found in 
    Scientific Research